Steel rolling

Gustav Østergaards Maskinfabrik A/S has extensive experience in steel rolling, and we offer a wide range of services for both large and small companies.


High requirements

All our machines meet the highest requirements on rolling of different types of profiles. We employ a registered production method, which is your guarantee for the highest quality.

We offer steel rolling within the following areas:

  • Reinforcement rings for wheels
  • Construction machines
  • Pipes for tank installations
  • Beams for the construction industry
  • Specialist equipment for the wind turbine industry
  • Profiles for safety cabins on forestry machines and forklift trucks
  • Various rolling equipment


    We offer custom-made solutions

    Thanks to our versatile machinery, we can handle any project – from a single profile to thousands of profiles, large as small.
    All projects are customised to meet our customers’ wishes and needs so that the materials will match your production completely.

    We also roll

    As an example, we have developed tools for rolling of:
  • 4x4x4 mm stainless U-profiles, with a material thickness of only 0.5 mm
  • Large IPE and HEB profiles
  • T-steel 200x200x28
  • Flat steel 400x100 mm.
  • Square tubes 250x250x10
  • Quadratic tubes 250x250x10
  • Round tubes of Ø 323 mm.


    Of course, we would be pleased to undertake the final adjustments once the profiles have been rolled. All you have to do is tell us how we can help you best. Moreover, we also offer further processing of the profiles such as welding, drilling, etc. so that the completed work pieces can be applied in your production immediately

    For further information on our services, please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to make you a non-binding offer.


    Tube bending for your project

    Tube bending is a natural extension to our rolling department. Typically, tube bending is performed on a CNC-controlled tube bending machine where we bend:

    • Round tubes
    • Square hollow profiles
    • Flat oval tubes
    • Special profiles

    We offer a wide selection of bending dies, and if needed, we can produce new dies for your personal project very quickly. We would be pleased to be part of your development process where we offer extensive experience and knowledge of tube bending. We have experience in tube bending from several standard and special profiles in the following metals:

    • Stainless steel
    • Black steel l
    • Aluminium
    • Brass
    • Copper

    Rolling of half tube spirals

    The spirals can be made in all bendable steel qualities and metals, and in several dimensions. Half tubes are applied for heating/cooling spirals on tanks etc. that are used in oil, chemical and food industries. Unlike the traditional heating jacket, a half tube spiral can withstand a higher pressure, and thus, the utilisation is increased.


    DN B' = UDV. Ø C' = PL. T. Made in
    32 42,9 2-3 Steel
    40 48,3 2-3
    50 60,3 2,5-3
    65 76,1 2,5-3
    80 88,9 2,5-3


    Rolling of special profiles

    Our goal is to be best in business when it comes to rolling of special profiles. For many years, we have been focusing on technically difficult profiles. At the time of writing, we can conclude that we have been able to roll all special profiles. Over the years, we have created rollers for a multitude of special profiles. Therefore, Gustav Østergaards Maskinfabrik A/S is always ready to help and advise you when your special project involves the design of special rollers that need to be adjusted to the specific profile. Gustav Østergaards Maskinfabrik A/S would be pleased to participate in an active development process so that we can ensure the rollability of the profile, while retaining its other properties - something we know a great deal about.

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