Rolling of special profiles

We have a saying within our company: “If we can’t roll the profile, nobody can.”
It is, of course, a rather blasé attitude to have, but the goal is to live up to our claim. And as things stand, we can safely say that we have yet to give up when it comes to the rolling of special profiles.

Over the years, we have created rollers for a wealth of special profiles.

Gustav Østergaards Maskinfabrik A/S is therefore always ready to advise you when your project involves the design of special rollers that need to be adjusted exactly to a specific profile.

Gustav Østergaards Maskinfabrik A/S is happy to take an active part in the development process so that we can ensure the profile’s rollability while retaining its other properties – something we know a great deal about.

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Profile-rolling experts

As a subcontractor to the steel and metal industry with more than 50 years’ experience of rolling technology, we are delighted to place the sum of our knowhow and expertise at your disposal.

Our expertise is your guarantee of high quality and rapid delivery.
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