Aluminium rolling

If you have aluminium profiles that need rolling, Gustav Østergaards Maskinfabrik A/S is the right choice for you.

With the right rolling technology, we can help you succeed with every profile and project.

We see the bigger picture, and we always seek to create the optimal product given your particular requirements.

From A to Z
Gustav Østergaards Maskinfabrik A/S offers rolled aluminium profiles for a variety of applications:


  • Door and window production
  • Wind turbine industry
  • Construction industry, e.g. façade profiles
  • Rehab equipment
  • Medical technology industry
  • Tailor-made solutions, e.g. shop fittings and profiles for customised lamps
  • Profiles for safety cabins on forestry machines and forklift trucks
We have customised our aluminium rolling machines in order to adapt the rolling process to specialised runs.

The fact that we have such a diverse range of machines available – in terms of both their size and function – allows us to handle any workpiece.

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Contact us at an early stage if you would like us to handle the rolling process for you, so that we can create a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements.

We can provide assistance at every stage of the process, from the initial idea to the finished project.

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Profile-rolling experts

As a subcontractor to the steel and metal industry with more than 50 years’ experience of rolling technology, we are delighted to place the sum of our knowhow and expertise at your disposal.

Our expertise is your guarantee of high quality and rapid delivery.
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